Our philosophy: quality and service day after day

Here at Bruyerre, we believe that quality combined with service and experience are the keys to a company's success. These core values, which we have been defending for more than 100 years now, allow us to maintain a relationship of trust over time with our customers, suppliers and business partners.

We attach the greatest importance to quality, taking the time to select high-quality materials and raw materials that will enable our customers to purchase products that live up to their ambitions and achievements.

We combine this much sought-after quality with the best price on the market. We are aware of today's challenges by surrounding ourselves with professionals from the bakery-pastry ice-cream industry, which is why we are committed to being a loyal partner in terms of quality/price ratio.

The management, the 3rd & 4th generations at the head of our company, also applies these fundamental values to the recruitment of its 160 employees and workers. Our company, which is in full expansion, is made up of quality, helpful, reliable and loyal staff.

This is the way Bruyerre operates, a clever mix of experience and youth which constitutes the strength of the company. The experience and wisdom of all the situations experienced by a solid base of people who have been working in the company for over 30 years, combined with the enthusiasm and fresh outlook of the youngest employees, supervised by a company that has no hesitation in trusting them and is regularly surprised by their ideas and dedication.